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Case of 12 Blind Boxes

Estimated Time of Arrival:  Jun 2023

What others see is "YOU", but what I see is “MYSELF”.

👥 Inspired by the concept of 'Heterotopia - Illusion in Reality', as an 'Alice-like character', SKULLPANDA captures the many sides of ourselves in our everyday lives.

Take a moment to celebrate the beauty of being complex and diverse.

Pre Order Notes :
1) We try our utmost effort to deliver your product as soon as possible. However, in circumstances of unforeseen production or shipping delays, you might receive your product later than the ETA.

2) POP CARD is only applicable to blind boxes sold in Mainland China.
  1. Blind Box refers to the type of packaging that keeps the collectible toy as a mystery until it is opened. Blind boxes typically come in series that shows a collection; some figurines are rarer to find than others, these are referred to as "secret", "hidden" or "chase" figures.
  2. A whole box contains no-repeated figures. If there is a secret figure in the box, one basic figure will be randomly replaced by it.
  1. POP MART Singapore will not be liable for any defects on the product or packaging box.
  2. No refund or exchange will be entertained except in the case of broken or missing parts.