[Draw to Purchase] Mega Space Molly Jelly 1000% and Mega Space Molly Jelly 400%


About the products

Mega Space Molly Jelly 1000% 

  • Cost: $1,199.90
  • Height: Approx. 70cm

Mega Space Molly Jelly 400% 

  • Cost: $269.90
  • Height: Approx. 29.5cm

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About Draw

What is a draw?

A draw is a competition that is decided by choosing a particular winner by chance. It allows all participants to enter without a purchase.

How does it work for this product that I am joining the draw for?

You will have to fill in the draw entry form here by 12 October, 1200 hrs.

Thereafter, winners will be selected and contacted by 13 October, 1200 hrs, via email. Do check all your mailbox folders, including junk and promotion mailboxes.

Winners will be able to purchase the product from 13 October, 1200 hrs to 15 October, 1800 hrs, before the chance is forfeited.

Will I be contacted if I am not a winner?

Non-winners will not be contacted.

Will I be contacted for purpose that is not related to this draw?

You will only be contacted beyond purpose of this draw if you had selected the option to subscribe to POP MART Singapore's newsletter in the form submitted.