Complete your Bobo & Coco collection this weekend!


TGIF! But besides that, it's also TG for new launches and promotions!

We have many new products launching at both our retail stores and e-store today that we're sure you'll love!

  • Bobo & Coco Up in the Air Blister Package
  • Bobo & Coco A Little Store Series
  • Bunn Good Dream Music Box
  • Coogi & Foody The Island Adventure Series
  • Coolrain Labo Everyone Needs Break Time Series
  • Dimoo Aquarium Series Badges (Retail stores only)
  • Duckoo My Pet Duckoo Series
  • Duckoo Roller Skate Figurine
  • Kenneth The Unicorn Princess Megary Figurine
  • The Monsters Elf Toy Series Finger Skateboard Badge
  • The Monsters Labubu Cup Edge Lifting Clip
  • Pucky Elf Flying Series Badges (Retail stores only)

On top of that, we're running a promotion to celebrate the launch of the Bobo & Coco new products!

Bobo & Coco Plush Promo

Purchase 1 Bobo & Coco Up in the Air Blister Package or 1 blind box from Bobo & Coco A Little Store Series and get 1 of the following Bobo & Coco plush at 15% off!

  • Bobo & Coco Pomegranate Rabbit Plush
  • Bobo & Coco Hot Air Balloon Plush Pendant
  • Bobo & Coco Hot Air Balloon Plush

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Wish to purchase more plush with the discount? Simply purchase another abovementioned Bobo & Coco blind box or blister package to complete your plush collection!

There's no time to waste - start shopping online now or visit our retail stores today at Funan, #01-02 and Bugis Junction, Hylam Street!